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Tony from South of France :

Hi Brian,

Lift arrived wednesday at 11am, fitted together by 2pm with Frogeye on top!! put the (b) on today (Friday) after ajusting position and jacked it up with some help from Diana, great, done quite a few jobs already a real treat not to grovel on the ground.

thanks again Brian,

Regards Tony

Nigel :

Dear Brian,

You made a special ramp for me (one operating jack across the end of the ramp) due to garage restrictions. It works perfectly, probably one of the best investments I ever made (enclosed picture of my TR3A on the ramp).

Many thanks,

Nigel Barber

E.Bellinger :


Really pleased with the lift and it's working well. I can now get two cars in my one car garage!

Best wishes,

E. Bellinger

Ian from Switzerland :


Just a note to thank you, firstly for your very professional service.
The lift has now been installed and is fully operational. For a DIY car restorer just the ticket, what with not needing a local power supply, nor litres of hydraulic oil or even meters of headroom, (normally needed with the standard sized lift posts). This lift is light easy to assemble or dismantle and can be positioned anywhere inside or out with a minimum amount of effort, (using some dolly wheels). But I find that there is another bonus too, I can store another small sports car underneath for the winter, saving a whole parking bay for the wife's car, excellent!
I cannot recommend this lift highly enough for the car enthusiast who doesn't want his whole garage taken up with massive high lift posts or to be troubled with future electrical or hydraulic problems. Yes, it takes a few minutes to raise or lower, but I know that when I need to use the lift for a car repair or service it is not normally just a quick wheel change but a job where the car needs to be raised for several hours or days. Besides using the lift jacks keeps you fit and saves an electric or garage bill.

All the best,

Ian Jones


Andrew from North Yorkshire :


I'd like to thank Hamer for my car lift which I've had for approx. 14 months now.
Its been in almost constant use since we bought it, and every time I use it I'm struck with thoughts of how horrible the job would be without the lift. And then there's the jobs which would be impossible without a lift...
I went for the longer, wider, taller version, with jacking beams and after initials concerns about the extra cost, I'm glad I did.
I was also initially concerned about the time to lift the car operating the four jacks. However, it is easier and faster than my old method of trolley jacks and axle stands, which of course only raised the car a maximum of 18" or so, and there's no crawling about on the floor.
I could go on, but suffice to say its brilliant and well worth the money.




Lorna from Scotland :


My class have given the carlift its baptism and are very impressed.
They were stunned at how easy it is and had a good chant going to keep in time with each other. My principal teacher thinks it is great!.


Breadalbane Academy, Scotland.

Paul :

Hi Brian,

WOW, what can I say, this lift is excellent!, less than an hour to put it together, works perfectly. I am really delighted, I only wish I'd known about this when I was building the car. I've included a couple of photos, as you can see from the car itself it's very low and nearly impossible to work under, this is going to make my life so much easier.

many thanks

Paul Gartside


Michael :

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the car lift arrived today.
Les delivered it and even explained how it all went together, along with a few assembly tips which will help make it pretty straightforward.
It looks to be a very substantial piece of kit (it's certainly very heavy!), and is much better than the ramps that I was intending to get, and not much more expensive. I'm very pleased with the purchase and am looking forward to using it in anger.
Thanks very much for sorting out everything for me so promptly and arranging the delivery.

Kind regards


Colin from Worthing :

The car lift has been a great help and made getting my kit car though it SVA test a whole lot easier
My Tricke is now on it and I’ll send pictures next week

Many Thanks



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