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The standard HAMER Lifting Platform comes complete with 2x drive-on ramps and 2x support ramps so that it can be used straightaway for vehicle maintenance, repairs and/or vehicle storage.

Being a 4-Post Design it supports vehicles on their wheels, rather than the bodywork, giving excellent access to the underside. This has proven to be of particular importance to owners of classic car / fibreglass vehicle restoration projects, where prior to work starting the actual condition of the chassis is unknown. Also, since the platform is free-standing with no need to fasten it to the floor, the thickness and composition of the floor itself much less of an issue than it is with Single or Two-Post Lifts that must be securely fixed and held down to the floor.


For general storage or flood damage limitation applications, modular load panel sets, which are available separately can be used to convert the upper surface of the Lifting Platform into a single load area.


Various options are available to increase the length & width of the standard platform (see the Dimensions & Capacities page) depending on the size of the vehicles that will be using it, or the eventual load area for general storage, once load panels have been added.


The increase in Lifting Platform Frame Length is achieved by adding either 0.5m or 1.0m long Extension Pieces to the Standard 3.0m long Side Beams. (In this way 3.5m & 4.0m long platform lengths can be created).

Then, special heavy duty ramp extensions of telescopic construction are fitted over the standard 3.0m long ramps. A series of bolt holes along the side of the ramps allows the extensions to be fitted to create either 3.5 or 4.0m long ramps.

Changes to the overall width of the Lifting Platforms are governed by the size of the end beams ordered.

We keep 1.7m (Narrow), 2.0m (Standard) and 2.3m (Extra-Wide) End Beams in stock.

Where garage space is at a premium we can also manufacture bespoke end beams to special order.


The platforms themselves are raised and lowered by the action of 4x manually operated jacks, one located at each corner post of the lift (see Assembly, Installation & Operation page)

The Jacks are easy to operate, very efficient and able to raise a 2.5 tonne car to the ideal height for working in just a few minutes.

The corner posts and jacks have a slim profile and the jacks handles themselves can be configured for either inwards or outwards operation.

This means that unlike 4-Post Powered Lifts with external mechanisms, electric motors, hydraulic fluid reservoirs or control panels etc a much larger proportion of the overall footprint is available to the vehicle or load panels.

As a result the HAMER Lifting Platform can often be used in confined spaces where other 4-post lifts wouldn't fit.

The simple design means no electrical or hydraulic components, no cables or pulleys, no running costs and an absolute minimum of maintenance.

And unlike Powered Lifting devices the HAMER Lifting Platform can be safely used outdoors or even when exposed to flood water within the confines of a garage or outbuilding.

For this reason, when fitted with our modular load panels they are the Lifting Platform of choice for anyone wishing to protect their valuable belongings such as antique furniture, family heirlooms or items of sentimental value etc from the threat of flood water by elevating them out of harms way.


Finally, when not in use the lifting platform can be quickly dismantled and packed away neatly, unlike other powered 4-Post lifts with complex electric or hydraulic circuits and/or cable & pulley systems. 


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