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Q. Does the HAMER need to be bolted down ?
A. It is designed to be operated freestanding and could impede its operation if it was fixed.

Q. I have a small garage. Can I dismantle the HAMER when I have finished my project?
A. Indeed yes. The HAMER dismantles to approx 10ft x 2ft. x 1ft. No other 4 post lifter can be compacted in this way (that we know of) and be stored out of the way      when not in use.

Q. Can 1 person operate the lifter?
A. Yes! Although it would be quicker with 2.

Q. Does the HAMER give unrestricted access to the underside of my car?
A. Yes!. Other lifter designs tend to restrict access with their mechanism.

Q. Can the ramps be altered for different track widths?
A. Yes! Before driving on the lift, measure car track and adjust ramps accordingly.
     Maximum width available is 1.8 or 2.1 metres depending on end beams ordered.

Q. Do I need to drain car fluids i.e. oil, brake fluid before lifter use?
A. Absolute not. No spillage is caused during lift.

Q. Will I be able to remove wheels and work on suspension brakes etc.?
A. Using our simple jacking platform system, available as an extra, you will be able to use your own jacks and axle stands to work at a comfortable height.

Q. Is it safe?
A. The simple safety system fitted to every HAMER lift guarantees safe operation provided the instructions we supply are adhered to.

Q. Can I stand up underneath?
A. The standard Lifting Platform is designed around the idea of comfortable working and to achieve this we can supply our comfort seat.
     We use recycled car seats, with adjustable back rests or we can supply the chassis only. All come with locking wheels.
     However, we now produce an Extended Height Lifting Platform with a maximum under ramp clearance of 1.88m (6' 2").
     This makes many jobs such as exhaust fitting etc much easier.

Q. Can it be left outside?
A. The electric free HAMER will happily operate outside. It comes powder coated but as it is made of steel, precautions against rust will be necessary if the
     coating has been scratched off with repeated use.

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