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In response to customer demand we recently developed an 'Extended Height' version of our popular Lifting Platform. With a max under-ramp clearance of 1880mm (6ft 2 inches).


To achieve the extra height the platform is raised in two stages.

The first stage lifts the platform to a height ideal for repair and servicing work.

The second stage of lift is achieved by locking the platform at each corner, allowing the jacks to return to floor level, fitting extension bars between the Jacks and Lifting Platform Frame at each corner and then repeating the lifting operation. In this way the jack handles always remain at a comfortable and ergonomic working height.

As with the standard Lifting Platform a safety pin is employed to prevent lift failure.

This extra-height allows a much wider range of vehicles to be parked underneath the lifter when in the max height position, rather than just low sports cars as is the case with the standard lifting platform.

This is particularly useful for anyone wishing to store a classic car or restoration project out of the way during the winter whilst still allowing the daily use car to be parked inside out of the weather (subject to car / garage height and type of garage door fitted).

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