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Hello and welcome to the fully updated HAMER Lifting Systems Website where you can view our range of Manually Operated Lifting Platforms for home, hobby & industrial use.


Standard HAMER Lifting Platform being used for DIY vehicle repairs.

The basic HAMER (or Hand Actuated Manually Elevating Ramp) Lifting System has been steadily developed and refined over the past 10 years to produce a safe, simple, efficient and reliable means by which weights of up to 2.5 tonnes (5500 lbs) can be elevated up to 1.98m (6' 6") - for the extended height version, or up to 1.32m (4' 4") for the standard version by a series of manual arm movements.

Unlike the majority of it's competitors this means no electrical or hydraulic components, no cables or pulleys, no running costs and an absolute minimum of maintenance. Furthermore it is free standing, easily assembled, powder coated for outdoor use / flood damage limitation and can even be dismantled and stored away neatly when not in use.

All in all we don't believe that there is anything on the market that offers all of these advantages together with such versatility for the same price.

The simple & robust design lends itself to a wide range of applications including DIY Car Maintenance & Repairs, General Storage, Vehicle Storage, Flood Damage Limitation and offering Servicing Facilities at Classic Car Rallies, Track Days, Competitive Rallying, Off-Roading and other Motorsport events etc. 

Some common applications of our products are illustrated below, but our customers are  quite resourceful and finding more and more uses for this versatile piece of equipment all the time :



Standard HAMER Lifting Platform being used for Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs.


Image: Extended height HAMER Lifting Platform being used for outdoor elevated storage.

Extended Height HAMER Lifting Platform being used for outdoor elevated vehicle storage.


Standard HAMER Lifting Platforms being used for indoor elevated vehicle storage.



Extended Height Lifting Platform being used to offer elevated storage whilst still allowing a car to be parked underneath


Two-Tier storage using an Extended Height Lifting Platform. Large or Heavy Items that need to be accessed regularly are stored underneath the platform whilst items in longer term storage are stored on top.



Standard HAMER Lifting Platform being used for Flood Damage Limitation (Garage floor is under several inches of water - but the owners pride and joy remains safe!)


In the event of a flood warning a Standard or Extended Height Lifting Platform with load panels fitted and located in a garage or outbuilding could be used to raise valuable items, antique furniture, family heirlooms or other items of sentimental value out of harms reach thus ultimately limiting the effects of any flood damage.

We hope that your enjoy exploring our website to see what all the fuss is about. A review of the Hamer Product Page, Frequently Asked Questions & What People Say pages should answer any questions that you may have, but if not please refer to the Hamer Contact Details page and feel free get in touch with your query.

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